Call From The Past

Do you know believe that? That i feel there’s a place that have been calling me to comeback Do you know what it was? It’s China!! Especially for the Forbidden City I don’t… Continue reading

We Are Young, We have a Freedom??

Yes WE are YOUNG and WE are FREE to do anything that we wanted free to smoke, free to drop out from a lab work, free to be naughty YES WE ARE FREE… Continue reading


Hmmm… So.. what is LINQ? Based on this source LINQ defines a set of method names (called standard query operators, or standard sequence operators), along with translation rules from so-called query expressions to… Continue reading

My Books=My Friends??

Sounds like a freak, bookworm, and antisocial person hhaha.. hmmm… but it’s real, my books is my friends, but not the only friend  that i have i still have a lot of  ”real” … Continue reading

Life Is??

Life is an opportunity to seek provision for the next life.. We won’t live in this world forever We will live forever in the afterlife Whether heaven or hell It is depend on… Continue reading


This is what i called passion passion is an activity that can make you forgetting to eat, sleep, go to college and so on hhahaa 😀 what is my passion? .NET PROGRAMMING .NET… Continue reading

Life is Beautiful??

God knows what is best for us do you really believe that? yeah, maybe it’s hard to believe, because why? because we are too obsessed.. sometimes we wanted something but we can’t get… Continue reading

Forgetting the past??

So, i’m not sure what was she thinking maybe i did something wrong, something that too fast to be decided, or it was just my mind that tried to plays trick on me… Continue reading

The beginning??

Hey hey hey… yes, i’m back what is really happened so i decided to fill this blog with my writing? hmmmm… just want to try to make  HISTORY records of my life, but… Continue reading

Hello world!

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