Open Source Project Based On “Aqua”

Hey hey hey…
Here i am 😀

Approximately 1 week ago, my senior told me that he had an open source project about Healthcare Application that would be used in Undip Hospital.
He said that he already had a design  of a system but he had no team to develop it. Fortunately i can do programming with C#, so i offered to join his team 😀
Until now we still looking for one person to join in our team.

Our project is Open source, so when it’s finished everyone can use it with no charge and can modify it code to customize with their needed.

About Aqua, it is an open source healthcare application which we will used it as inspiration, hhehe :D. Since it’s not suitable with most of hospital in Indonesia, so we have to customize it.
Here is some screenshots of “Aqua”