My Books=My Friends??

Sounds like a freak, bookworm, and antisocial person

but it’s real, my books is my friends, but not the only friend  that i have
i still have a lot of  ”real”  friend in my live

let me introduce you to my ”unreal” friends

You can call them “PHP”

Maybe you already know that PHP is one of  open source web programming language. It means PHP can helps you to make a web page, even website and it is free, no charge to use it, cool isn’t it? 😀

but now, i feel far from PHP, it’s because of ASP.NET


do you have an idea who is she?

i’ll introduce her later on 😛

The second is VB.NET books

Actually, i don’t like VB.NET but since i can’t find books about C#.NET then i buy VB.NET because they have same core technology,



but sometimes i confused caused by different syntax between them, but it doesn’t matter

next time i’ll introduce my others friends 😀

Especially about ASP.NET

just wait and read